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If you want to build a ship, then don't drum up men to gather wood, give orders, and divide the work. Rather, teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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here at mojo associates, we've got a place for you - designed specifically for wherever you may be on your journey:

mojo: lingo 

at mojo associates, we speak a language that supports a life of fulfillment. here's your key to all things mojo...

Corporate Mojo  [kawr-per-it moh-joh] (n) A solution for your group or organizations if seeking cohesion, team-building unity and focus.

Lead with Mojo [leed with moh-joh] (n) Direction for you if you're an executive or manager who desires enhanced on-the-job performance in the areas of leadership, strategic execution, and change management.

mojo [moh-joh] (n) A natural quality that every person possesses. Where strength meets spirit; respect meets irreverence; convention meets creativity; performance meets panache; knowledge meets wisdom; and discipline meets play. See also, Your Awesomeness.

mojo:101 [moh-joh wuhn-oh-wuhn] (n) A stimulating, inspiring combination of coaching, group interaction and independent study geared toward helping you if you're a teen or young adult eager to discover your mojo and plan your life direction.

mojo:central [moh-joh sen-truhl]/ (n) A secure e-mail gathering spot for interactive discussion within the mojo learning community.

mojo:convo [moh-joh kon-voh]/ (n) A no-charge, no-obligation ½ hour telephone conversation in which you learn the opportunities and exciting changes that await you with the guidance of Mojo Associates. See also, Contact Us.

mojo:dojo [moh-joh doh-joh]/ (n) An encyclopedic online resource center offering audio/video clips, recommendations, article links and more for individual learning and practice. Also, log-in central to enter the domain of your class portal or group coaching program.

mojo:maps  [moh-joh maps]/ (n) Individual action plans to help keep you focused and on-track. Syn. Your best friend.

mojo:ful [moh-joh-fuhl] (adj.) Filled with (or exuding) strength, spirit, and all things mojo.

mojo:morsels [moh-joh mawr-suhl] (n) Inspirational tidbits and words of wisdom to feed your mojo.

mojo:musings [moh-joh myoo-zings] / (n) Reflections, ideas, and resources featured on our website and blog to inspire, motivate, encourage and keep you connected to your mojo.

mojo:sphere [moh-joh-sfeer] (n) An /online destination where you'll find comprehensive, powerful resources geared toward restoration, renewal, rejuvenation and inspiration when you're seeking to discover and recover your mojo. See also Syn. Website.

mojo:vangelists [moh-joh-van-juh-lists] (n) People whose lives have been profoundly affected by Mojo Associates; those who are so "mad about mojo" that they just cannot contain their enthusiasm and joy, and so must tell the world.

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