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Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

Mark Twain

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college and career coaching for teens and young adults

Want to feel energized and excited about your future? mojo:101sm is the place to start.
For teens and young adults, mojo:101 focuses on what’s most important:

In mojo:101, all content, exercises, materials and strategies are geared toward helping you make the   journey into your future one of the most exciting and fulfilling of your life. 

  • Discovering your passions, skills and talents
  • Determining what you’re meant to do and deciding what you want to do
  • Charting a course for college, your major field of study, your future career and more 

the 4-1-1

Get focused attention, support, and accountability in an individually tailored coaching program that ensures you’re making progress toward your goals.  We’ll partner with you in thought-provoking and creative conversation designed to inspire and encourage you to make the most of your strengths, skills, talents and passions, maximizing your mojo to achieve your greatest potential.

what you can expect from mojo associates  

At Mojo Associates, we’re all about bringing out the best in you—your mojo—whether you’re focused on improving and enhancing your education, your career or your daily life.  

When we work with you, we focus on deepening your awareness of all that you are or can be, so you make the best decisions possible based upon self-awareness and deep introspection, rather than out of fear or old habits.  

We partner with you to create a vision that incorporates all aspects of your life; provide accountability to ensure forward progress towards your goals; and help you develop lasting habits that will lead to an inspired and fulfilling life by maximizing both your personal and professional potential. 

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